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What are we doing?

Self-Isolation can be stressful but with some easy tips and tricks, we'll help you ride the situation out as best as possible.

How will a newsletter help us self-isolate?

Self-Isolation will be stressful for most of us, but now is the time to get creative and pass the time in innovative ways. We can even be helpful to others and show the world what a kind community looks like.

The Latrobe Health Assembly Extra-Time newsletter will provide you, your family and your friends with great, simple and free tips and tricks to pass the time, stay healthy and keep a sense of normality in your life.

The newsletter will include:

  • Tips, tricks and education for everyone, no matter your age, household makeup or gender. The newsletter will be categorised to cover most household demographics.
  • We’ll provide ideas for games, learning opportunities, household-tips and much more every day, straight to your inbox.
  • Some content may be duplicated for new comers to the mailing list however we will ensure there’s always something fresh for you to try.

Register your details:

  • Registration is FREE.
  • Your contact details will not be shared with any third parties.
  • You will begin receiving tips and tricks via email starting from Monday 23rd March.