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Helpful Services Map

The following helpful services map will allow you to locate food delivery services, food banks, activity providers offering virtual activities and much more.

Please note:
Some listings may not meet our regular focus on healthy, nutritious dietary requirements. We recommend moderation for unhealthy food options.

How to use this tool:
Select a search category using the ‘Category’ menu and enter your address ‘Search Location’ field to find options near you.

This map and the listings contained within is not intended as promotion of individual businesses, simply a tool to find businesses that may be able to assist people in this current situation. This will be a growing list, if we've missed something, please click on the 'Share your own tips' button above and let us know the details.

About deliveries during coronavirus

Zero Contact deliveries

Each delivery service offering Zero Contact deliveries will have their own procedures, some will be an option upon request while others will only offer Zero Contact delivery. The general principle is the same:

  • Your pre-paid delivery will arrive with your items placed near your doorway.
  • The deliverer will step back to a safe distance and contact you by phone, their app or another pre-identified method to advise that your delivery has arrived (the deliverer will not knock or ring your door bell).
  • You will collect your order which will be confirmed by the deliver at a safe distance.

When placing an Zero Contact order, confirm with the company what their exact process is. As an example, view Domino’s process video (right).

Domino's Zero Contact delivery video